Primal Kings – Live at Elsewhere!

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When you need to book some gigs, but have no video of the current live band, what do you do? Set up mics and cameras in your rehearsal studio and get some!  We enlisted the help of two of our favorite independent engineer producers, Mychel Martinez and Danny Fasold, to rig up the mics and digital recording gear, and conned our good friend Mike Hahn into shooting and helping to edit together the video.  We were all in a circle basically, with the vocals through the PA and no headphones. You know, the exact worst way to try to record, but thanks to the skills of the fellas in the control room we think the tracks came out surprisingly well … maybe even killer in fact!  The setup made filming even more difficult, but our intrepid camera man somehow made it all work.  Next time, we’ll know what not to do, but for now … here are some raw views into the woodshedding that we’ve been doing, as we prepare to support the record.  We hope you like it, and if you know of a venue that might like to have us … hit us up at

We sure appreciate your support!!


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