Totally independent all analog legacy quality vinyl is alive and well!

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Primal Kings totally analog, legacy quality, 180g Vinyl LP!

Back in the “before time” we completed an all analog, legacy quality vinyl record. From the beginning we set out to make an LP the classic way … on tape … no computers … and that’s exactly what we did. We even went so far as to make our own plate reverbs from sheet metal and welded metal tubing, just to avoid using any digital effects.

So often today’s vinyl records have been cut from digital masters, which means that under all that lovely vinyl … it’s still digital slices and “ones and zeros.” The Primal Kings album on the other hand provides a pure analog experience. That AAA label means that no signal was harmed in the making of this LP. It’s all magnetic particles and cut grooves … the tape saturation is provided by actual tape, not a plugin … and every mix is a performance, not something that was automated on a grid. It’s the reel deal, and that means that you can hear and feel all of the frequencies, textures and warmth that are lost in digital processing!

This all-analog vinyl LP was independently created and released so you know that it comes straight from the hearts of the musicians, producer and engineers who made it. But while budgets and time were always scarce, we cut no corners. This LP was produced by internationally acclaimed producer/engineer Lenise Bent, who counts The Band, Steely Dan, Supertramp, Blondie, Jean-Luc Ponty, Tanya Tucker, The Knack, and Ringo Starr among her clients (to name just a few), and was mastered at Capitol Studios by Grammy Award Winner and analog mastering icon Ron McMaster. So, while this album was only influenced by the artists themselves, and not a label marketing machine, … it sounds like the big label LPs that you love!

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