Get a pre-release, digital copy of Primal Kings self titled Album, Free!

“Gothic, spooky and sexy, … a thick, rich sound slathered in a swampy, savory gravy” – Music Connection Magazine.

Primal Kings was forged in the fires of a 5 year quest to create a full length, fully analog, LP. The journey began when indie, blues/roots/rock singer songwriter, Chris Wilson enlisted the help of veteran engineer/producer, Lenise Bent (Aja, Breakfast in America, Tusk, Autoamerican) to help him capture the raw energy of the band that had been wowing audiences in LA clubs.

Tapping the deepest roots of rock n roll, Primal Kings take your favorite audio dishes and deconstructs them, using the tastiest ingredients to create a flavor that is brand new and yet somehow familiar. Their debut, eponymous, record comes to the table awash in aromas of primitive grooves grown in dark, fertile tonal dirt, and gives us a generous helping of heartfelt reflections of lives well lived … warts and all. It excites the palate while it satisfies like our most beloved comfort food.

The album is fully baked, and all that remains is to put it on a platter, but just like any down home cook … the fellas want you to have a taste before it all hits the table.  So, while they work on shopping the record, the ‘Kings have gone and whipped up some delectable digital masters … lovingly converted to digital by United’s Warren Sokol… to whet your appetite.  So no need to be polite … dig on in!

Just fill out the form and click on the download button on the right, and get a FREE download of  Primal Kings debut album, before it’s official release, and see what the fuss is all about! Your purchase will help get the record completed and released in it’s full analog glory, and your support is deeply appreciated!!

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