Primal Kings Presents: Big Wilson Wednesday Livestream!

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The show must go on! While we can’t get together right now, or play live gigs … there remains a little bit of Primal Kings live preformance that you can still enjoy. In fact, for months now, Big Wilson has been doing a weekly Livestream on the Primal Kings facebook page every Wednesday at 9PM […]

So proud of our Music Connection review!

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Primal Kings – Live at Elsewhere!

Bass Amp

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When you need to book some gigs, but have no video of the current live band, what do you do? Set up mics and cameras in your rehearsal studio and get some!  We enlisted the help of two of our favorite independent engineer producers, Mychel Martinez and Danny Fasold, to rig up the mics and […]

Primal Kings Masters Self-Titled Album at United Recording

Warren Sokol, Lenise Bent, and Chris Wilson in the studio.

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Primal Kings Masters Self-Titled Album at United Recording July 7, 2018 Hollywood, CA, July 2018 – The rock group Primal Kings chose United Recording to create the digital masters for the group’s self-titled debut album. After recording and mixing in full analog, iconic producer and engineer Lenise Bent and Primal King’s lead singer/songwriter Chris Wilson […]

Blame it on Dave Grohl …

Lenise bent cuts 1/2 inch tape

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There I was at 2 AM, in my chonies, glass of whiskey in hand, watching Sound City when it hit me. It came like a bolt from above … a moment of complete certainty … I had to make an analog record. Was it a higher power? Was it the pure encouraging positive energy of […]